Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Re: Intel?-MacTel

So folks, by now you know that Apple and Intel are all lovey dovey and will likely bring us dual 3-4 ghz machines by this time next year. then Leopards will be pouncing on 'em- I predict in Dec. 2006 we'll be seeing spots. The WWDC Keynote is up on Apple's site and though there's a treacly hesitation about this transition but if you're using a G5 (like me) and Tiger (like me) you'll know that it probably won't make a lick of difference to the person at the keyboard. Tiger is wonderful on a fast machine and pretty excellent on the G4's as well. It's slick and elegant. So who cares about the chip except folks who hate Intel (there's always a curmudgeon for every announcement) , I have no doubt that this transition will help build new machines faster and lighter...And just remember code for Intel will run on AMD chips if Intel starts to suck. Freescale and IBM currently compete for Apple innards and though they haven't delivered cooler faster processors as predicted-they are great ( A G5 chip is almost a parallel processor in itself). With new Technology the next best thing is just around the corner. (esp. with Apple- with MS it's down the street -around the block-make a left-stop at the light-go right -down the alley-there it is!) The big surprise is that you can order a developer Intel box (oop I almost wrote G5) today and get one in two weeks (with caveats- you are kinda borrowing the machine).

So the transition, despite what you may read on eWeek or Cnet etc. will be what it is -for the record the best thing ever to come out of Apple (Hardware/Software and IDE) was the Newton. And that chip (the ARM) came from Intel .....


On Jun 6, 2005, at 10:44 AM, benjamin lowengard wrote:

> big buzz all weekend, i speculated somewhere that Apple was building > an Intel based 2 button mouse thus combining 2 rumors in 1...we'll > know in a couple hours... > here's my hirsute (as opposed to astute) speculation: > > 1) intel starts ppc fabrication? > 2) apple has new intel based i/o box- for HDvideo?? for Audio > 3) Apple switching to Intel x86 could be intense (transition wise) but > I'm not sure how that would sit with developers. > 4) Apple Announces 8 cpu 64 bit AMD processor add on card for g5. > (just kidding) > > Just remember- BeOS vs NeXT purchase (surprise) at macworld '96 - > > verrrry interesting..... > > On Jun 6, 2005, at 10:12 AM, Alex Lowengard wrote: > > >> Ben, >> >> What have you heard about Jobs thinking of going to Intel? >> >> Sasha >> >> > >