Tuesday, August 17, 2004

What Happens

If I add a picture to my email?

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Dumb Downers

Hey blog readers, Here's a complaint about the excessive use of technology in the world. 1) Your computer sucks! Microsoft, Apple and a TON of these open source code monkeys are needlessly crowding your pc with with CRAP. And they make you pay for it whether you realize it or not. Where is the persistant data? Where is the Common user interface? Why do the GEEKS out there promote speed over functionality? 2) Cell Phones Suck! I hate it when I get called by someone "on the road" and the phone clicks off in an underpass. Or when a lone cell phone rings (in some obnoxious pop tune or a horrendeous synthesized classical piece) and you have to guess which button to push. Where is the voice interface on these things? And what's with the cameras? Convergence devices without a decent interface (and that means very little button pushing) are DOOMED. Don't buy one until it complies with known standards. Even worse is video phones. Is it me or do communications companies have too many marketing idiots promoting dispeptic products. A phone/palm/camera/MP3 player is absolutely too much stuff to put into a handheld device. They are complicated, transitional items which upon purchase are immediately outddated. Beside all the interface crap you need to go through to deliver your own info to yourself. WTF? 3) SUV's Suck. Why are we wasting gas driving SUV's? Holy mutha load, If we didn't depend on FOREIGN OIL we wouldn't be wasting Tax Dollars blowing up Iraq. The auto industry should be ASHAMED at their gross negligence for the environment, and should be building super economical transport. Those waste Billions could have actually rebuilt the public school infra-structure, provide food for starving Americans, provide Jobs for the unemployed, Why the US allows corporate entities to build up a bottom line while outsourcing to foreign workers on the cheap, enjoying tax freedoms, and basically trading your future for their their personal enjoyment. 4) Break Up the HUGE MONOPOLIES. Ok, I thought my phone rates would go down when the industry got deregulated. Nope. Hey I thought my cable bill would go down when they deregulated the cable industry. Nope. How about air transport, is it any cheaper, is it more secure, is it efficient? nope. While I'm on this subject you note that you have FEWER choices in all these things now than you did 10 years ago. This is progress? 5) The industry of American Democracy has to change. The USA needs to adopt a 30 hour work week, a higher minimum wage, longer vacation allowances, national health insurance, gender free marriage rights, the right to food (no hungry families), the right to shelter (no Homeless), the right to mental health supervision. We have to change our prison system as well- and develop a US Conservation service -like a peacetime army- to preserve our land and the intrinsic economic power it holds to benefit ourselves. Our reliance on cheap trade (again, for the bottom line) serves only to weaken what should be a self-sufficient economy. 6) Stop paying politicians. From the President on down, there should be no such thing as a Career Politician. -ok enough for today -O

Friday, August 06, 2004

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