Thursday, November 04, 2004

What Happens Now in America

An amazing week we've had. The Red Sox surprisingly pounded the Cardinals for their first World Series win in 86 years. George Bush gets re-elected and the Republicans gained seats in Congress. - Almost overnight my whole world has changed-and I'm trying to rethink how to react to the problems I think the US has in the realm of Global Americanization- the export of Jobs, the rising national Debt, the war against Terrorism especially in Iraq, Just Like Saddam said it would be it would be fought there in the desert. What's going on with Osama these days. Osama is still out there, George, you better capture him- (please don't kill him, try him in international court, strip him of his power and reveal that he is an insane inciter of wrongful religious interpretation.) We need to stop pissing off Muslims, and promoting fear of other nationalities in the name of democracy. We also need Global support and integration of our policies to align better with our allies and the UN -mend repugnant stadoffish behavior of our First World America. This means enacting a higher sense of world responsibility rather than a them or us attitude. I want to go to other countries and not have to fear I will be a target. We need stricter gun control and looser restrictions on freedom of speech. Repeal the Patriot Act. Give the troops protection. The US needs to set an example of environmentalism and not be the largest consumer of expendable non-renewable resources. Shit, I am thinking too far to the left to be considered a mainstream American. Arghh, I have questions about what Bush is up to. 1) What about this huge debt load the US has taken on-how can this be reversed? 2) How can we secure our US jobs and borders if you offer incentives to export Jobs away from the US, and offer deals to companies that use sweatshop labor for pennies on the (Aamerican) dollar? 3) How can all Americans have access to education and health insurance no matter what their income level is? There should be no homeless in America. 4) How about making Washington DC the safest city in America? 5) How about NOT ignoring the AIDs crisis around the world, and support programs which espouse protection on a physical level and NOT a religious one? I could go on but my head and my heart hurts from thinking about this stuff. Liberal activism will still go on. Michael Moore will still bug the crap out of the conservatives. And Massachusetts will still be profoundly liberal, and inspirational to those disenfranchised by this election. In the awesome book,"In the Shadow of No Towers" by Art Spiegelman there's a reference to the other shoe that will drop. I'm waiting too. Hopefully, George, that shoe won't drop on you. Here's to hope -benj