Saturday, January 08, 2005

America 2004

this was a response to a friend about impressions of 2004 events: war, baseball, elections, etc.... it is unfinished and also (obviously) encouraged by Alan Ginsberg, may he rest in peace, (thanks to rocktripper ( for the Jelly Roll Beat stuff, them cats is cool) america I'm breathing and there is phlegm in my lungs america I've decided that my tomorrow isn't any more important than your yesterday - so here we are right now america i'm inundated with market strategy, branding, targeted sales, personalized credit cards and classical hits advertising a gas guzzling monster truck and a 50 inch tv america I block out the noise with my ipod, don't mug me for it america I am fundamentally christian in a fundamentally christian nation, raging christian values against other religious fundamentalists america, the reality is bleak but it's in high definition as long as you don't show any tits america my boys and girls are dieing on foreign soil we are defending a nation that doesn't exist - where they have a reason to hate me america I'm promiscuous, fucking the small potatoes into french fries, serving them up with an obese and greasy breakfast combination america I got my bikini waxed and i've been liposucked into the somebody i wanted to be america see my blog for more information, google my picture, steal my identity but don't ask for my social security number america i am a right click to make it my desktop and you're forensically searching my files, america would you verify this information with me before you send me a gmail invation america I wonder about nuclear bombs and how are they doing, how do they feel so unused and alone america I voted for the guy who didn't get elected, i should move to Ohio america you sold me heroin for cheap, and i can shoot-up a twenty-four hour hard-on with it and a little extra cialis america i want to be a patriot, a designated hitter, i liked being a red sox fan when they were underdogs, now i like the iraqi america i have the whole 1993 season on four dvds and the extra bits and bloopers are great america i get all my news from a late night talk show host, i stepped up to the window and you served me and thanks for the toy, i think i'll collect them all america the aids quilt isn't big enough to cover africa america i murdered my child, my wife, i had a boat that should have taken me to china or at least let me sail away from a setting sun america i am your terrorist, in your waking dream, your cold sweat on the pillow, behind your locked doors, living your catholic pornography, I'm your jew nigger fairy putting a jaw with teeth under your pillow america i am freely speaking america i am in your classroom, sitting in the back, waving my hand trying to get your attention, and you call on me and then march me down to the principals office america i'm downloaded, america i'm standing on a beautiful shore, on a beautiful morning, and wave of sadness rises up out of the ocean america excuse me i have to blow my nose

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