Friday, January 07, 2005

Unpredictable Apple

Here's my blog post for today on Apple.... If you're a rumor junkie like I am- trying to detect just what old Steve Jobs will announce next weekis a great game. This week has been amazing - today Apple stock jumped 4+ to just shy under 70. Yesterday Servers were publicly released with 2.3 gig g5s and a faster buss (and top off at 1.2 gig sata internally), Xsan boxes are shipping. Imagine connecting your 5 G5 FCProHD Edit suites to an Xsan sitting on top a 36 terabyte disk array (not just Apple's array either-Sun boxes/IBM/etc can be added to the just plug them in.. 10.3.7 was released last week and they dropped the price by 200$ on all the Displays. Rumors are motorboating along and its propellor is Apple suing the rumor mills. HAH! what does this mean? Apple did this last year and I remember Macworld 2004 being a bit underwhelming. Lots of rumors (Apple pda mainly) This year there will probably be lots of whelm. rumor count: 1) Apple Phone with itunes (motorola alludes to this), 2) a G4 rectangle headless box (rumor lawsuit material) 3) Flash Pods (2 gig solidstate? or 5 gig mini or 80 gig pods? Beatle ipod (that's my own rumor)(lawsuit) ? 4) a new 17" monitor? (for the switchers) 5) A fw i/o box for garageband users? I hope so... 6) Appleworks and Keynote and ??? as iWork suite (where goeth MS Office?) Office for the rest of us... 7) Plus there will be talk about X.4 Tiger (uh, NDA alarm on) Maybe a date set... some great stuff is in Tiger: widgets, Core DATA, Automator (you gotta see this )Spotlight, Safari all in 64 bit(? maybe..I'm sure the kernel will be 64 bit)- Finally data to saturate the bus. 8) Steve Jobs CEO at Disney? 9) Aqueducts discovered on Mars? and I think Wednesday's Apple financials will be amusing as well... And though Microsoft is still King, it's a one eyed King, and Apple seems to have 2 or 3 eyes. if this isn't amusing enough Folks, read the transcripts for the CES keynote with Conan O'Brian and Bill Gates. (demo gods were not kind to Bill again) Conan Rules! please note I bcc'd a bunch of folks on this message be kind! happy nu b

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